Games are made to be played

TeaRev – Who we are

Who we are

TeaRev are an independent electronic entertainment studio, we have been around since early 2013 and haven’t really stopped since. We previously flagged under other names with other products but are now focusing primarily on our two main games: Leicion and Project Lost Child.

-Alan Easton.

Our Motto and what it means

‘Games are Made to be Played’ – What this means is that games have a reason and purpose for existing, and we’re thrilled to be making those games, the reason games exist is to be played by people and enjoyed, not just as entertainment but as heart warming and enriching experiences. The word play holds many meanings and we hope what you consider to be “play” will co’inside with the products we create.

Our Three Pledges

These are the three pledges we hope to uphold in our games:

  1. To create fair and honest content that does not insult the user financially and to make users feel validated in their purchases.
  2. To develop fun experiences for both hard core gamers and idle gamers.
  3. To develop our games and build them for as many platforms as we are able so that people may enjoy them where ever they are.