Games are made to be played

The Dragons are back!

We’re really excited to announce that we’re working on a sequel to Dragon Fall for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices.

This game has been in development for quarter of a year and will have some exciting features we’re looking forward to delivering to you.

One of these key features are multiple missions that will challenge you to hone your Dragon catching skills in multiple ways, TeaRev is really excited to be able to bring this game to all of the fans of Dragon Fall. We’ll keep you posted on what we’re doing, but for now sit tight and stay excited!

This new game, whilst we don’t wish to confirm a name will be coming to iPad, iPhone and iPod on May 1st, Android versions will follow shortly after!

Also, to finish this news, the purple Dragon that appears on the ending screen of Dragon Fall and the Logo has been given a name! We’re happy to call the Dragon: Leicion. Which hence forth is how we’ll refer to the group of Dragon Games, you’ll see the changes in the coming months.

Thank you for reading!

Director of TeaRev,

Alan E.J Easton.